CerraCap Ventures is a Global fund headquartered in California and dedicated to early stage technology investments. We focus on Enterprise (B2B) products and solutions in the emerging technology areas of Healthcare, AI and Cyber Security. CerraCap reduces investment risk. How? By maintaining one strategy since inception; targeting great teams with high growth characteristics. CerraCap makes great management better by personally introducing companies to Fortune 500 decision makers. We call this model Sales and Scale. We Industrialize Innovation.

Industrializing Innovation [in-duhs-tree-uh-lahyz-ing in-uh-vey-shuh n]: verb. Creating the assembly line to bring technology startups to enterprise markets - exponentially increasing valuation

Evaluation: Our evaluation process begins with some of the most qualified prospects in our focus areas, sourced through anaccomplished referral network, top universities, research labs. Starting with the crème de la crème, we take these deals and shop them to buyers - involving them in the evaluation process. Our network of Fortune 1000 CIOs aid in diligence, allowing us to evaluate from the perspective of enterprise buyers.

Guidance: We guide with our specializedecosystem to assist our companies in overcoming the biggest roadblocks in the start-up space. Our ecosystem consists of highly influential advisors who provide the needed mentorship and global reach. Leaders such as President Vicente Fox (Fmr. President of Mexico) and John Cushman (Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield) are all deeply ingrained in the Cerracap mission to bring innovation to market.

Sales: We don’t just make introductions – we get purchase orders. Our founders have experience with over $1B in enterprise sales and have built personal relationships with Global 1000 clients – allowing us to implement early POCs through buyers who were involved in the evaluation cycle. This is why structure takes a backseat – and opportunity drives. By leveraging our ecosystem – we get signed deals at the start (and it helps that key buyers have at this point been involved since the investment decision). These initial purchase orders provide valuation jumps & the foundation for exponential growth.

Scale: Purchase orders beget need for scale, which is why we provide access to 18000+ engineers globally through our service partner network. This helps our companies get quicker product releases and optimize their cost base.

Exit: Then, we hack into our mature global ecosystem for fast and significant exits including late stage VCs for exits, technology behemoths for M&A, and world markets for IPO.