Our Process is unlike any other in Venture Capital

Focused on the New Fundamentals of the Digital Age, we invest globally into early-stage B2B companies

Our Sectors



Focus on Chronic Diseases



Securing our Digital Presence



Food, Climate & Financial Inclusion

When most make introductions
We bring Purchase Orders

We call our model Sales & Scale™ – taking companies through our industrialized process enabling disruption and creating win-win outcomes

  • Exit 05
  • Scale 04
  • Sales 03
  • Guidance 02
  • Evaluation 01


Starting our journey with the most qualified prospects in our focus areas and acquisition of leads via:

  • Accomplished referral network
  • Top universities
  • Research labs


Guiding the leads through our specialized ecosystem to assist our companies in overcoming the biggest roadblocks in the start-up space. Our ecosystem consists of:

  • Highly influential advisors for needed mentorship and global reach
  • CXO Council – CXO consists of C-Suite leadership from Fortune 500 Companies


Leveraging access to direct decision-maker of Global Fortune 500 companies thereby enabling:

  • Early POCs through buyers who were involved in the evaluation cycle
  • Increasing sales pipeline and velocity of close while reducing the overall cost of sale


Insider access to 18,000+ engineers globally

  • Enabling talent strategies that accelerate product release cycles
  • Granting huge cost arbitrage advantage over the competition
  • Empowering companies to focus on innovation


Our exit process is all about tapping into:

  • Our own mature global ecosystem
  • Late-stage VCs
  • Technology behemoths for M&A
  • World markets for IPO