COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 5, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — We are thrilled to announce AgShift as the newest addition to our portfolio of high performing start-ups. “AgShift technology is revolutionary and is setting standards in visual inspections & quality assessments through AI and Deep Learning. We believe in Miku Jha, founder, and CEO of AgShift; her vision and the team to take this company through this exciting journey,” shared Vikas Datt, Managing Director of CerraCap Ventures.

“In Agro-tech, there is hardly any company that is embarking on the journey to change the landscape of food inspection. AgShift offers a completely unbiased, objective, quality assessment for commodities, protecting the quality, sourcing, pricing and brand – every single time.” – Ritesh Agarwal, Managing Director at CerraCap Ventures

“For young technology startups in food technology – one of the key challenges is accessing the right advisors, stakeholders and strategic partners in the food supply chain. Technology startups have a tough time maneuvering through this complex ecosystem. In this regard, partnership with CerraCap Ventures has been instrumental for us. They have helped us open the doors with their existing network and right sponsors, at the right time. Their belief and support in our overall vision are truly encouraging. We are extremely pleased to have a strategic partner in CerraCap Ventures,” said Miku Jha, CEO, and founder of AgShift.

About AgShift

AgShift Inc. is a deep learning technology start-up working on designing the world’s first autonomous food inspection system. AgShift’s software blends patented Deep Learning models with Computer Vision to make food inspections autonomous, consistent, and standardized at scale. AgShift is empowering the world’s largest agriculture and food organizations to reduce global food loss and waste. AgShift Inc. is based out of Silicon Valley, California, and its core team has extensive experience across the food and technology industries – with professional tenures at VMware, Intel, IBM, and Topco. For more information, visit