In Quantix, Cerracap has assembled a powerhouse team with the ability, experience and the means to solve one of the most complex problems in the financial markets. Quantix has a singular focus: to build the most advanced commodity trading platform of its kind that analyzes more sources and types of data (social media, satellite images, real time news sources etc) and generates the most accurate predictions on price and volatility than anything else in the market.

Sharpening The Competitive Edge For Commodities Traders, Quantix Processes Over 1200 Structured And Unstructured Parameters To Design Unbiased Trading Strategies In Real Time.

The Quantix platform fuses massive amounts of data from any collection source, in any format, structured and unstructured. Using advanced deep learning artificial intelligence within a mass scale data framework, the platform generates automated insights to produce accurate predictive intelligence - allowing for continuous maximization of profits and returns across asset classes and strategies.