Founded in 2017 with focus on developing NLP+AI driven cognitive products for Enterprises. Developing AI based Natural Language Understanding and Automated Content Generation Platform. AutoR.ai is Nirveda’s 1st Authoring Assistant that helps content creators generate original content.Currently working in Stealth mode with one of world’s largest asset management company.



Reduce time to search pertinent information across the information maze through Cognitive Search.Bring information across the Oracle ecosystem and summarize it quickly for the pertinent problem or question the learner might have through AutoR.ai. Improve time to market Oracle products training by providing ‘how to’ quickly and compare it with past releases in a timely fashion

Adopt Cognitive and Semantic search to manage and retrieve supporting documents anywhere from end user training to cloud platform enablement. Deploy Intelligent AI powered Assistants to better serve customers by analyzing and using customer-related data to improve the overall customer experience throughout channels.Associates can communicate using Conversational User Interfaces which can be plugged in with Apple Siri, Google Assistance, Amazon's Alexa etc. through iPhones, Android phones or Smart devices. Create official posts, write articles and blogs on Social Media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., using Nirveda's Self-learning Intelligent Cognitive Author