We have a proven model that significantly increases value of portfolio companies. We have a diverse Management Team with a proven track record with multiple startups and large exits. Our strong advisory board provides access and reach across global corporations. Our Unparalleled ECOSYSTEM of incubators, top universities and VCs further provides for growth & exits.

We look for companies and entrepreneurs with fundamentally strong and proven business model. We are openly against the “Spray and Pray” philosophy of investing in multiple companies generally and hoping a couple of them succeed.  We take the time and effort to understand each idea and decide on its merits and potential. Through our network of IT companies and access to large corporations, we are able to further validate companies that can readily meet demand of large corporations and help them innovate in today’s digital world. We provide support to generating sales with direct connection to Fortune 500 clients. We help companies to scale and deliver through leveraging a network of 18,000 engineers. We provide Mentoring and Management Support. Our Advisory Board also provides mentoring support to the Management Team of the invested companies. We focus on three areas where we have significant domain and vertical expertise - Healthcare, Analytics and Cyber Security. This also brings in cross company leverage opportunities. We invest primarily in early stage companies and help them grow. Our network with other VC’s and Fortune 500 companies provides for timely exit opportunities for our investments. 

Advisory Board