We believe the world can never get enough of magical products and experiences. Making them requires a balance of art and technology, as well as a maniacal focus on delivering joy to the people who use them. When a product is truly special, it leaves an indelible mark.The people who make those products are creative, high-energy, and have a sharp intellect. They are technologists with the heart of an artist. They have imagination, guts, and drive. They have unique insights into how people work and play, and they aim to touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people. They might be equally as likely to be inspired by the work of Frank Gehry and Jeff Koons as Jonathan Ive and Yves Behar or Larry Page and Elon Musk. We think working with those people is about as much fun as you can have in this world.

We are a venture capital firm that invests in startups led by creative thinkers. Our fund size and investment strategy allow us to put the right amount of money to work at the right time; whether an initial seed-stage investment or a larger growth round. We have the resources to help companies through the entire lifecycle of growth. We source and recruit trusted and proven executives from our personal networks. We strive to be the board member and investor whom the Founder and CEO calls first. We may not always say what the Founder or CEO wants to hear, but it will be honest, measured, and direct.